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Degrassi Graphics Challenge
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This is a graphics challenge, meaning that we may sometimes ask for a banner, header, friends only banner, icon, etc.

The polls will be member only posts but the challenges will be public, but you still must be a member to join.

1. All entries must be made by Friday 10pm EST. Voting will occur from Friday-Sunday 8pm EST. Winners and new challenges will be posted on Monday
2. Spoilers ARE allowed and are not required to have a warning. Please be aware of this.
3. All entries must include the screencap, quote, lyric, or other object chosen by the moderator.
4. All entries must be Degrassi related.
5. All entries must be icon size or smaller (100x100 or less)(if it's an icon)
6. NEVER bash another member's entry. If this occurs, the basher will be disqualified from the current and following matches.
7. Please Do Not use your entry or post it anywhere before voting concludes
8. You May not vote for your own icon
9. Each week we will have a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and mods choice. Unless we have a low number of entries then we may only do 1st and/or 2nd and mods choice
10. When commenting with your icon/graphic, post the picture of the icon then the url underneath
Image hosted by TinyPic.com

All the graphics made for the community was made by lipsofanangel13 @ flyawaygraphics

Affiliates(If you'd like to become an affiliate comment and give us a button)